Hi ya'll! So, I completely missed May's 10 on 10 because my mother in law passed away suddenly on May 7th. It was a pretty hard time for my family and made me reflect heavily on what is truly important in life. Death really puts things into perspective and makes you realize that you shouldn't put off the things that matter most. I thought about blogging about subject when it was so fresh, but it was just too hard to open up. I did want to say something about experiencing loss, though. 

In my life, I have only attended a few funerals. However, last month was the first time in my life that someone that I saw on a regular basis and loved very dearly passed away.  Because I had never experienced this before, I never really knew what to do or say to someone that had lost a close family member. Several people texted, called, and came to the funeral, some in which did not even know my mother in law. Even though I did not respond to texts, messages, or voicemails, I appreciated them so, so much! I didn't really want to talk. I was sad. I was trying to pick my husband up from a loss that hurt so deeply. The love and thoughtfulness of those friends that reached out will not be forgotten. So, next time someone around me loses someone, I will not be quiet because I don't know what to say. I will tell them that I am here, that they don't have to call or text me back but that I am thinking of them, I might even bring food by, send a card, do something thoughtful for them, etc. 

And from this loss, I gained a more amplified perspective of cherishing everyday. Months ago we had planned a family vacation and last week just happened to be that week. I held Wyatt and Chris a little tighter, we laughed a little harder, and did our best to enjoy every moment of being together. So, here are 10 photos from our little vacation to the beach... (most of these were taken with a  point and shoot camera, so please excuse the quality)

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