This is an open letter to all of my amazing family portrait clients and any clients wondering if I offer portrait sessions.

Hello my incredible clients! 

I want to start off with a huge thank you! I started my business photographing portrait sessions and it is something that I have always loved to do. I love to meet and interact with families & couples! Being around people is seriously the highlight of my day. Creating images that people can look back on and share is why I am a photographer. 

Last year, my little man, Wyatt, started kindergarten. This change in our lives really rocked our world. You see, with me being a business owner and my husband being a police officer that works all nights and weekends, it really changed things. When Wyatt was in daycare, he hardly ever went a full week. Our family days were on week days. With the start of big boy school family time became limited and that time became even more precious.  (I will get to the point soon, I promise :))

Below are a few pictures from Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten. Photos by the lovely Kristen Peddicord of KLP Photography. 

So, last year Wyatt started school and I continued on with business as usual. I soon found out that I was having a hard time being a good Mom that helps with homework, that is there to tuck him in and that is not a frazzled mess from being so busy. I was so overwhelmed. In September & October of 2014 I photographed 29 sessions and 9 weddings. With my husband working nights half of the month (including weekends), I was having a babysitter over entirely too much. I was feeling like a failure.

The reason for me spilling my guts? 

I want you to know that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to take your family's portraits, but not at the expense of failing at my first and most important job of all, being a Mom. This year I am only photographing weddings, engagement sessions only for wedding clients, and boudoir sessions. Boudoir sessions will be photographed on weekdays during the day and some select weekends. 

Thank you so much for your past, present and future support! I appreciate you all more than you could possibly know. A lot of you have become friends over the years and I treasure that! I have enjoyed watching your families grow.

Much love,